The Airport Center Sarajevo is a joint development of IPD – Innovation Park Development and the KARIMPOL Group, together with the Airport of Sarajevo. Both IPD and KARIMPOL have developed commercial real estate in CEE and SEE for many years. This first development in Bosnia-Herzegovina underlines the commitment to this country and the developers are proud to contribute a bit to the continuous development of Sarajevo and surroundings. The continuing improvements in all areas, be it infrastructure, leisure, business, and the economy as a whole will result in growing personal income and opportunities, and the ACS will provide the venue to enjoy the success. The development of the ACS and the following operation of this first international quality mall will create many job opportunities and contribute significantly to the GDP of Sarajevo. Together with the partners Loistl Vision (architecture and design), Krammer & Wagner (leasing), Mucic and Company (construction), and the local and international staff the investors will, without doubt, create a unique shopping experience in Sarajevo and BiH. All partners and staff possess extensive experience not only in their field of business, but also in the region, all of them being active for many years in Slovenia, Croatia, Hungary, Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Bulgaria. For more information on the investors and partner please visit the respective web sites.